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Real-Time Web3 Transaction Security

Protect your smart contracts by blocking malicious transactions rather than pausing your applications

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Everything you need to secure smart contracts in real-time

Inspect contracts
AI models continuously inspect addresses for transaction risk
Monitor and receive alerts
No coding skills required, get started in 60 seconds.
Block real-time threats
Evaluate runtime transactions to block exploits and compliance risk

$1 billion spent securing smart contracts in 2022, yet $4 billion was hacked

What’s missing?

Your web3 security has a massive gap

Audits & Monitoring are not enough

Real-time Transaction Security is necessary

Got a smart contract? CUBE3.AI is for you

What Our Clients Say

The blockchain ecosystem has a fraud problem, especially when it comes to stopping fraud in real time. CUBE3.AI is building tools that prevent exactly those kinds of scams.”
Michael Miebach
The future of web3 infrastructure relies on a secure data layer, and CUBE3 plays a pivotal role in accelerating time to value by ensuring robust security measures.
Nate Holiday
Space and TIme
CUBE3 has bolstered our token due diligence process by adding additional objective token metrics. The insights CUBE3 provides into token contracts, usages, holders, and deployers in a matter of seconds could take a team days of on-chain sleuthing to pull similar observations. While the inspector tool is invaluable, the team at CUBE3 is constantly looking for ways to better support our work."
Token Research Team
Everyone else on the market provides post-factum notification...But CUBE3 allows you to prevent it, so the malicious transaction gets blocked. This is a great proposition and something no one else can deliver on the market right now. After utilizing their monitoring solution and working with the team for several months, we’ve seen that CUBE3 products are robust, reliable, easy to set up, and use.
Denis Romanovsky