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About us

Empowering a Safer Decentralized Web3

Meet the CUBE3.AI founders and learn about our vision for securing web3

An experienced team of experts committed to web3 security

At CUBE3.AI, our team consists of professionals with extensive experience in cybersecurity, blockchain technology, AI/ML research and business development. Our collective expertise drives our passion for securing a more decentralized web and fostering a safe environment for businesses and communities to thrive.

Meet the CUBE3.AI Family


Pioneering real-time web3 transaction security

CUBE3.AI is creating a safer web3 for a more decentralized future by making real-time transaction security essential. By providing advanced cybersecurity solutions for smart contracts, we empower businesses and communities to embrace web3 technology with confidence, knowing their digital assets are protected from threats, fraud, and compliance risks. Our purpose is to accelerate the widespread adoption of decentralized technologies, leading to a more transparent, efficient, and inclusive digital economy.

Our Leadership

Meet the team bringing real-time transaction security to web3

Einaras Gravrock
CEO, Founder
Chris Griffiths
CTO, Founder
Attila Marosi-Bauer
Chief Research Officer, Founder
Salty Qazi
VP of Strategy and Business Development
Vinicius Ribeiro, Ph.D.
Head of Business Development & Partnerships
Rasa Petuch
Head of Marketing
Vaidotas Bauzys
Head of Engineering
Sarunas Matulevicius
Head of Product
Slay Huff
Head of Sales

CUBE3.AI across the globe

Our dedicated and decentralized team operates from timezones and locations across the planet, enabling us to provide exceptional support and services to businesses worldwide.
Los Angeles
San Francisco

The CUBE3.AI Investment Community

Meet the partners who share our vision for a more secure web3

Board members

Einaras Gravrock
Yehuda Neuberger
Board Member
Yuri Frayman
Board Member


David Post, Ph.D.
Web3 founder at Helix
Ben Murray
Web3 founder at Helix
Matthieu Suiche
Security Researcher
Simon Hunt
Jonas Lekevicius
Pedro Oliveira
Web3 founder at Talent Protocol
Taha Karim
Security Researcher

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