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Block Malicious Transactions in Real-Time

Protect platform offers robust defenses against cyber exploits, wallet hacks, fraud, vulnerabilities, and compliance risks. By implementing our Real-Time Application Self-Protection (RASP) SDK and API, your web3 applications are shielded from malicious transactions, ensuring a secure environment for your users.

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Proactive Malicious Transaction Blocking

RASP Lite is a Runtime Application Self-Protection SDK that offers proactive blocking of malicious transactions, at your front-end. It serves as your first line of defense against fraud, vulnerabilities and non-compliant transactions.

By integrating our lightweight SDK into your client-side, you can stop threats before they can be confirmed on-chain. Protect your web3 application and keep your user experience seamless with RASP Lite.

Simple Setup
Flexible integration
Proactive Protection
Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Exploit and Transaction Blocking

RASP Pro provides end-to-end protection for your smart contracts. This advanced solution ensures no malicious attacks bypass your front-end and exploit your smart contracts.

By integrating with both the front-end and the smart contract itself, RASP Pro provides a shield against a wide range of threats. With RASP Pro, secure your web3 applications in their entirety, from the user interface to the underlying blockchain code.

Risk Evaluation
Threat Blocking
Real-time Tracking
Real-time Security
Risk Score API

Real-Time Threat Intelligence Layer

Add an extra layer of security to your transactions with our Risk Score API. This powerful tool integrates seamlessly with your application, providing real-time threat intelligence to evaluate proposed and performed transactions.

The Risk Score API uses advanced machine learning algorithms to assess risk levels, allowing you to react to or reject risky transactions promptly. Leverage the power of real-time risk scoring to ensure the safety of your transactions with Risk Score API.

Transaction Tracking
Simple Integration
Risk Assessment
Transparent Detail


Total Smart Contracts Observed


Total Wallets


Total Malicious Contracts Last 30 Days


Total Malicious Wallets Last 30 Days

Use Cases

Smart Contract Developers
Payment Processors
Asset Managers & Traders

Proactive Malicious Transaction Blocking

With the rise of dApps, the need for security is paramount. CUBE3.AI’s RASP Lite and RASP Pro products provide a comprehensive shield against exploits, stopping malicious transactions before they can do harm. Through real-time risk scoring and transaction blocking, our solutions enable dApps to maintain a secure, trusted environment, ensuring a seamless user experience without compromising on security.

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Vulnerability Analysis for Risk Mitigation

Smart Contract Developers can leverage CUBE3.AI’s vulnerability analysis to identify potential risks in their smart contracts and those they build upon. This proactive approach to security helps developers fortify their contracts against potential threats and ensure the robustness of their solutions.

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Instant Alerts on Suspicious Activities

In the rapidly evolving DeFi space, staying ahead of threats is crucial. CUBE3.AI’s RASP Lite provides immediate alerts on any suspicious activity, including hacks and fraudulent transactions. These alerts can trigger remediation actions, enabling DeFi platforms to maintain trust and ensure user assets’ safety.

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Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Payment processors face unique challenges. Between managing cyber threats, fraud, and compliance, the need for real-time threat intelligence is vital. CUBE3.AI’s Risk Score API and RASP Pro offer payment processors the ability to evaluate transactions proactively, lowering chargebacks and enhancing end-user experiences, all while maintaining the highest security standards.

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Crypto Exchanges can utilize CUBE3.AI’s Risk Score API to close doors proactively to wallets involved in cybercrime. From deploying malicious smart contracts to scamming users or dealing with sanctioned addresses, our technology allows exchanges to safeguard their platform and their users.

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Empower Users with Risk Evaluation

CUBE3.AI’s Risk Score API allows wallet companies to empower their users with the ability to evaluate cyber, fraud, and compliance risks before processing any blockchain transaction. This added layer of security helps maintain trust and confidence in the platform.

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Real-time Asset Protection

Asset managers and traders need to react swiftly if their assets are in danger. CUBE3.AI’s Watchlist & Alerts allow them to respond in real-time if the DeFi service they’ve invested in is compromised, ensuring quick action and asset protection.

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Built by developers for developers

Created with developers in mind, our platform streamlines the development process and ensures maximum efficiency.

Add to monitor

Add wallets and smart contracts to a watchlist to monitor all publicly available data

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Create alerts

Receive alerts for immediate security response notifications and contract updates

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Enable RASP Lite

Access transaction risk scoring and block malicious transactions on your front-end through our client-side SDK

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Enable RASP Pro

Multi-sig proxy enabled smart contract integration via JS SDK for the highest level of security and customization

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