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Getting Started with CUBE3.AI

We're here to help secure your smart contracts. Here's how you can easily get started with CUBE3.

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Create an account

No credit card required

Sign up for a CUBE3.AI account and gain the power of real-time smart contract security.

  • Click "Get Started" at the top right.
  • Sign up with a secure email and password.
  • Watch the Panorama Dashboard onboarding video.


Inspect and Monitor Contracts

Never miss a transaction

Our real-time monitoring feature allows you to keep an eye on any smart contract or wallet that is crucial to your business and community. Whether it's your own or belongs to another party, address monitoring helps you stay informed about every transaction.

  • Log in to your CUBE3.AI account.
  • Navigate to the 'Monitor' section.
  • Add the address of the smart contract or wallet you want to monitor.


Enable Alerts

Stay notified, stay secure

CUBE3.AI's Alerts feature ensures that you are promptly notified whenever a suspicious transaction attempt occurs. Enable alerts and receive real-time notifications through Discord, Slack, Telegram or other channels that support webhooks.

  • Go to the 'Alerts' section on your CUBE3.AI dashboard.
  • Choose your preferred communication channel(s) for alerts.
  • Configure the conditions that trigger alerts.


Enable RASP Lite

Bolster Your Frontline Defense

By integrating our client-side SDK, you can add an extra layer of security. RASP Lite offers real-time protection, empowering you to mitigate threats before they impact your operations.

  • Navigate to the 'RASP’ section on the CUBE3.AI portal.
  • Download our SDK and follow the integration instructions.
  • After successful integration, RASP Lite will start providing real-time protection.


Enable RASP Pro

Fortify Your Smart Contract

Secure your smart contracts from advanced threats with our RASP Pro feature. By integrating our security proxy contract, you can enjoy real-time protection against exploits at the smart contract level.

  • Go to the 'RASP Pro’ section in your CUBE3.AI Panorama Dashboard.
  • Select "Register Contract Address" to integrating our security smart contract with your smart contract(s).
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with fortified smart contracts!


API Risk Score Assessment

Quantify Your Security

Our API allows you to assess the risk associated with any smart contract, wallet, or transaction. Make informed decisions with real-time risk scores.

  • Navigate to the 'RISK API' section on the CUBE3.AI portal.
  • Follow the instructions to integrate our API into your system.
  • Start assessing risk scores for any smart contract, wallet, token, or transaction.

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