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Proactively Manage Security Risks and Compliance

Respond to cyber risks proactively with watchlists, alerts, reports, analytics, and logs. With the Manage product, you can configure alerts to be sent via email or trigger webhooks for services like Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, Zapier Discord and more.

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Alerts & Monitoring

Stay Informed with Real-Time Alerts and Monitoring

Set up alerts to receive immediate notifications about potential security threats and compliance risks. With our Manage platform, you can react swiftly to emerging concerns, ensuring that your web3 applications remain secure and compliant.

Actionable Insights
Immediate Notifications
Adjustable Settings
Webhook Integration
Transaction Reports

In-Depth Analytics for Complete Security Oversight

Access detailed transaction reports to gain insights into your web3 applications' activity. Monitor blockchain events, identify trends, and respond effectively to potential risks, ensuring the safety and compliance of your environment.

Continuous Monitoring
Intelligent Alerts
Robust Analytics
Comprehensive Coverage


Total Smart Contracts Observed


Total Wallets


Total Malicious Contracts Last 30 Days


Total Malicious Wallets Last 30 Days

Use Cases

Asset Managers & Traders
Security Researchers

Real-Time Alerts for Asset Protection

Protect your digital assets more effectively with our Manage product. Receive immediate alerts if your investments are at risk due to compromised protocols or dApps, allowing you to take swift action before exploiters can fully drain your resources. In addition, our Inspector tool provides in-depth analysis of DeFi protocols, helping you evaluate their reliability before investing. Mitigate risks and maximize your returns with proactive and informed decision-making.

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Monitor and Investigate Crypto-Threats

Stay ahead of the threat landscape with CUBE3.AI’s Manage product. Build watchlists and set alerts on contracts or wallets of interest. With real-time notifications, you can track suspicious activities as they unfold. Soon, our Explorer solution will enable you to delve deeper into the data, tracing threats from inception to resolution. Gain the insights you need to keep your research relevant and timely in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology.

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Demonstrable Compliance and Risk Management

Ensure both internal and external compliance with our transaction logs. Show your stakeholders - including insurance partners - that you take a proactive approach to risk management by evaluating every transaction for potential threats. Our Manage product enables you to take timely actions to mitigate risks, providing a robust record of your diligent efforts. Enhance your dApp’s credibility and foster trust with your users through demonstrable compliance.

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Built by developers for developers

Created with developers in mind, our platform streamlines the development process and ensures maximum efficiency.

Add to monitor

Add wallets and smart contracts to a watchlist to monitor all publicly available data

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Create alerts

Receive alerts for immediate security response notifications and contract updates

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Enable RASP Lite

Access transaction risk scoring and block malicious transactions on your front-end through our client-side SDK

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Enable RASP Pro

Multi-sig proxy enabled smart contract integration via JS SDK for the highest level of security and customization

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