At CUBE3.AI, we strongly believe in the power of collaboration and shared growth. Our Partnership Program aims to forge meaningful relationships with those who share our commitment to securing the web3 ecosystem.

Audit and Security Companies

Boost your offering and clients' security with RASP

Differentiate from other auditors with CUBE3.AI as an additional runtime protection layer for your clients. Our Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) mechanism provides an additional layer of security for your clientele, reducing the risk of smart contract breaches. By partnering with CUBE3.AI, your audit company can create a distinctive market presence, offering a comprehensive security solution and recurring revenue.

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Blockchain Platforms

Enhance your ecosystem with safety and intelligence

CUBE3.AI creates a public utility for blockchains by increasing transparency through real-time transaction security for all users. Partnering with CUBE3 allows blockchains to position themselves as a safer platform for smart contract developers by providing advanced, out-of-the-box security solutions. Our collective threat intelligence offers a strategic advantage to blockchains and their developers in this increasingly complex digital landscape.

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Minimize risk exposure and gain insight with RASP

The integration of our Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) into your clients' systems helps insurers limit risk exposure, ensuring a more secure environment for smart contract developers. Moreover, our transaction logs provide valuable insights into malicious attacks, offering a clear understanding of security breach circumstances.

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Join our affiliate program and earn commission

Become a part of the CUBE3.AI affiliate program and earn commissions by referring clients to our range of cybersecurity solutions. As an affiliate, your role is critical in extending our network and advocating for a safer, more secure decentralized web3.

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Get in touch

Eager to explore partnership opportunities with CUBE3.AI? Don't hesitate to email us at or reach out via Twitter/Telegram @CUBE3AI. We are excited about collaborating with you to create a safer and more secure web3 environment.

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