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Monitor and Identify Threats in Real-time

Our advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms continuously monitor your smart contracts and transactions to provide real-time risk assessments, ensuring your web3 applications are protected against fraud, exploits, and compliance risks.

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Immediate Risk Score for Every Transaction

With Inspector, our machine learning models detect and evaluate a Risk Score for any address, transaction, or token hash. Risk thresholds are customizable for your business.

Real-time Insights
Transparent Detail
Comprehensive Coverage
Customizable Thresholds
ML-powered Monitoring

Advanced Machine Learning for Continuous Threat Detection

Monitor any transaction, address and wallet. CUBE3 leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to monitor and evaluate every transaction in real-time. Our ML capabilities power the Inspector product that can be accessed via UI (Panorama Dashboard) or programmatically (via API) providing real-time risk assessments for your smart contracts and transactions.

Continuous Monitoring
Intelligent Alerts
Robust Analytics
Risk Assessment

Comprehensive Smart Contract and Transaction Visibility

With Explorer, gain unparalleled visibility into your smart contracts and transactions. The upcoming product will provide in-depth analytics, helping you monitor, manage, and optimize your web3 applications more effectively.

Transaction Tracking
Code Analysis
Historical Reporting
Intuitive Dashboard


Total Smart Contracts Observed


Total Wallets Monitored


Total Malicious Contracts Last 30 Days


Total Malicious Wallets Last 30 Days

Use Cases

Security Researchers
Payment Processors

Enhance Security with Real-time Malicious Activity Detection

Crypto exchanges play a vital role in the digital asset ecosystem but are frequently targeted by malicious actors. By using CUBE3's Detect product, exchanges can proactively blacklist malicious smart contracts and wallets in real-time. Our Risk Score API empowers exchanges to protect their platforms and customers from fraudulent activities, bolstering their security and fostering trust in their services.

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Protect Your Smart Contracts with Inspector

Smart contract developers are at the forefront of the decentralized revolution, but they can also be exposed to risks when entering transactions with malicious actors seeking to exploit or defraud them. By integrating our Inspector capability through our Risk Score API, developers can evaluate the safety of transactions in real-time, effectively mitigating risks and ensuring secure interactions. With Inspector, smart contract developers can focus on creating innovative solutions and driving adoption, while maintaining the highest standards of security and trust in their projects.

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Empower Your Research with Comprehensive Risk Analysis

Web3 security researchers are crucial in identifying vulnerabilities and strengthening the decentralized web. Our Explorer product provides these researchers with a powerful tool to analyze and assess the security, fraud, and compliance risks associated with smart contracts, wallets, and transactions. With Explorer, researchers can quickly identify threats, develop mitigation strategies, and contribute to the overall safety of the web3 ecosystem.

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Safeguard Your NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplaces have experienced exponential growth, but with this growth comes the risk of fakes and scams. By leveraging our Sonar capability, NFT marketplaces can evaluate tokens and identify counterfeit or fraudulent items before they impact their customers. Sonar Risk Score API allows NFT marketplaces to maintain the integrity of their platforms, protecting both creators and collectors from potential fraud, and fostering a secure and trustworthy environment for all participants.

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Risk Score API for Security, Fraud, and Compliance Assessment

Payment processors operating in the web3 ecosystem need a robust solution for evaluating the security, fraud, and compliance risks associated with each crypto transaction. By integrating CUBE3.AI’s Sonar Risk Score API, payment processors can thoroughly assess transactions, reducing chargebacks and ensuring a secure, compliant environment for customers.

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Built by developers for developers

Created with developers in mind, our platform streamlines the development process and ensures maximum efficiency.

Add to monitor

Add wallets and smart contracts to a watchlist to monitor all publicly available data

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Create alerts

Receive alerts for immediate security response notifications and contract updates

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Enable RASP Lite

Access transaction risk scoring and block malicious transactions on your front-end through our client-side SDK

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Enable RASP Pro

Multi-sig proxy enabled smart contract integration via JS SDK for the highest level of security and customization

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