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Set up in 60 seconds, get real-time alerts and stay ahead by monitoring any smart contracts - yours or your competitors
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24/7 Smart Monitoring
Benefit from sophisticated AI models working non-stop for you
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How it works

1. Input Addresses
Input any wallet or smart contract address you want to monitor.
2. Customize Alerts
Select your preferred notification channel - Telegram, Discord or others.
3. Stay Informed
Receive alerts and access detailed data dashboards for total visibility.

Catch attacks that exploited Euler, Yearn and others...

Powered by our advanced ML models, we detect and can block cyber threats, fraud, and compliance risk in real-time. Stay vigilant and secure with immediate updates.

Tailored monitoring for everyone in web3

From projects tracking their own contracts to market analysts, asset managers, traders, and VCs – our tool caters to all. Monitor up to 3 smart contracts and 1000 transactions a month, absolutely free.

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